The successful development of healthcare real estate requires a seasoned team with a qualified coach. The coach must possess the diversity of experience necessary to make optimal calls throughout the entire development process, and into the longer term game of property management and ownership. Diagnostic Ventures is such a coach and we have a great team.


Diagnostic Ventures is a boutique healthcare real estate development company specialized in the development and ownership of medical related practice-centered real estate. Though other firms employ an array of assistant coaches who work collectively, Diagnostic Ventures unifies the effort under the watchful eye of a highly experienced head coach. Working all aspects of the transaction affords the coach the best possible perspective thereby resulting in less being lost to context, or inefficient intra-departmental communication. The advantage of a single source of responsibility and communication can be summed up by the adage, “A whole is greater than the sum of the many parts.”


Diagnostic Ventures is a practice-centered, partner-first healthcare development and ownership company. We listen to our practice partners, reflect on our experience as an owner and developer, and craft practice centered solutions on behalf of our practice-partners. If you are a tenant, you miss the benefits of ownership. If you own without a qualified real estate partner, you miss the benefits of their experience and focus. Lease and Own and get the best of both worlds; benefits of ownership combined with a flow of service afforded to a tenant.

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