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Diagnostic Ventures, LLC specializes in the development of medical office buildings and healthcare related properties. We transform visions and requirements into solutions centered on practice and patient needs. As the developer, we at Diagnostic Ventures organize and lead all aspects of the development process, from preliminary needs analysis to commencement of operations and day to day property management. Our track record of success has been earned by a faithful commitment to serve the needs of our clients and our tenant-partners.



Lease and Own is a unique structure allowing practices to act both as tenant and owner on a single transaction. A classic quid pro quo wherein the real estate developer brings the development, financial and property management expertise, and the practice brings the long-term lease. Lease terms and conditions are structured in close harmony with the prevailing market thereby insuring that the practice leaves no money on the table versus that which would be offered by comparable properties in the area. Practices capture benefits of ownership such as participation in net cash flows and gains at sale while avoiding the expenditure of time and assumption of risk associated with acquisition and development. The formula for ownership is simple, 50/50 between the developer and the tenant(s), this applies to all equity/capital requirements as well to net cash flow and net gains at sale.
Lease to Own, Diagnostic Ventures, LLC

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